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Case studies & testimonials

Wholesale Flights is a successful travel company with a heavy-traffic call center, but their old telephone system was expensive and not capable of handling the growing call volume. The growing number of calls meant moving to a new, larger facility and additional staff to "work the phones." VoIP was the logical choice: The ongoing cost savings of IP telephony service would quickly pay for the new system. But which system?

The Eclipse SBE suited their needs perfectly. Its ease of use and expandability meant additions would be a snap. In fact, within two weeks of the installation, additional phones were purchased and installed, and began ringing immediately. The total cost for the expansion was just for the phones themselves. By switching to a VoIP toll-free 800 number, the incoming call charges dropped better than 65% from their previous telco service. The Eclipse system provides call-center functionality, and setting up auto attendants and queues was critically important. Additional features required were call statistics and call recording for training and quality control. According to the companys owner, a few months after installing the Eclipse IP PBX, the telecom savings have "already covered the cost of the system. The savings will continue to an even greater degree with future growth."


Balmoral Aparments

A newly constructed 43 unit apartment building needed a telephone system. The owner had, In fact, already purchased and installed a new PBX, tied to the PSTN. But immediately it became clear there was a much better way to go. Fortel removed the legacy system, and installed its Eclipse IP PBX, taking advantage of the building's data wiring. The leasing office, the secure front door entry system, and the individual apartments are all tied together via the IP PBX. The building owner has several other offices and buildings, and runs all of telephone service through the single Eclipse PBX. With some minor additional equipment, each individual apartment receives dial tone from the new PBX, and has a unique DID (incoming telephone number) to ring straight through to that apartment. All of the typical Centrex style features are now available to the individual apartments, such as call waiting, call forwarding, no answer transfer, etc., plus the many enhanced IP features like voice mail to email, etc. The incremental cost for the phone service to each apartment is minor, and the service is offered free to the tennants as a perk.


Grand Oaks Property and Real Estate

Based in Silicon Valley, Grand Oaks is a property development company with projects spanning multiple counties and states. Their offices contained a mix of proprietary telephone systems- expensive legacy PBX equipment. The bad news is- that strategy tied them to particular manufacturers and, once the product reached a certain age, was no longer supported. This left them scrambling to source desk sets. It was time for something better. Fortel installed it's Eclipse IP PBX, along with a number of Polycom desk telephones. Even though just one Eclipse IP PBX was installed, the IP based system allowed all of their offices and job sites to connect to eachother- seamlessly- via the public internet. The open standards, non-proprietary system allows any SIP compliant IP telephone to be integrated into their new telephone network. The company will never again be reliant on any one manufacturer for support of their system. But the advantages don't end there: "We love the features that weren't possible with our old system, especially the voicemail to email and the click-to-call Outlook integration. The ability to plug in to any available internet connection and connect to our system is fabulous! On a recent business trip to Japan, I took extensive advantage of this feature to place and receive calls from my hotel room. The convenience of this is fantastic, and the money saved is icing on the cake!"


Burgess Pediatrics

A "Boutique" provider of health care for children, Burgess Pediatrics needed a modern telephone system, but it had to be within budget. Working closely with their IT advisor and after a study of the competitive choices they opted for Fortel's Hosted IP PBX. The company simply plugged in their pre-programmed Polycom 501 IP telephones to the existing network infrustructure. Now that's Plug and Play! A simple edit to their router to enable QoS prioritization, and that's it! Beyond the cost of the inexpensive Polycom telephones, the equipment cost for the telephone system: zero dollars! The users can now take advantage of features typically found only in high-end PBX equipment, such as voice mail to email notification and attachment, time condition call routing, telephone dictation (with automated email-to-transcriptionist) and much more.

Rescue-Air Systems

Rescue Air Systems, Inc. is the inventor and leading provider of firefighter breathing air replenishment systems (FBARS) for high-rise buildings, one of the fastest growing segments of the fire safety industry. It's a serious business that needed a serious telephone system. So when it came time to upgrade, they chose Fortel and the Hosted IP PBX. Immediately, the transformation was apparent. Incoming calls are now manageable with a very easy to navigate IVR, which includes department and name directories. All extensions can place and receive calls, simultaneously, if needed- there's no "waiting for a line!" The elimination of long distance, toll, and the assortment of monthly fees from the old telco, along with the low flat-rate cost of hosted VoIP quickly off-set the cost of the new Polycom IP telephones.

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