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Click 2 Call- Engage Customers Proactivelyclicktotalk


Google, Microsoft, and many others have been working on their Click to Call programs, and news about the featureis ubiquitous across the 'net. Click to Call is red hot, and for good reason!


As more and more people turn to the internet as a source for commerce, whether it's booking a flight or buying a car, connecting with consumers at the site becomes more critical. Online customerrs demand a more personalized experience and Fortel makes this easy by engaging them online with powerful tools like Click to Call.

With customers becoming more valuable, they are also more costly to lose. Servicing them effectively throughout the buying cycle has never been more important. Nimble and successful companies engage customers proactively based on their individual sales and support needs to minimize abandonment, maximize sales conversions and promote a seamless brand experience across channels.

Click to Call and Click to Chat provide an integrated solution that provide optimal support for the customer while delivering maximum results for merchants. Our goal, then, is to help...


  • Provide World Class Customer Service

  • Reduce Web Site Abandonment

  • Increase Online Sales Conversion Rates
  • Unified communicationsunications

    Click to Call is an enterprise-level technology that delivers more than just a call connection. Fortel’s service requires no additional hardware or software installation, and delivers all calls to existing telephony and CRM infrastructure. Through Click to Call, companies are seamlessly tying their online and voice channels through such features as:

  • Data Pass - Displays contextual information from the caller’s Web session to any sales or service agent.  This is an advantage of Click to Call over regular phone calls because the data enables agents to close sales more effectively, and reduce costs by collapsing call handling time. Customers also benefit because there's no longer a need to restart the transaction or repeat data already entered online.

    Dynamic Call Routing - Routes Click to Call callers transparently to a specific call center or sales/service agent based on a wide variety of parameters such as the caller’s geographic location or the time of day.  Fortel's find me/follow me capabilities allow companies to route calls to multiple locations to guarantee no call goes unanswered.

    Automatic IVR Routing - Improves customer satisfaction by letting the user skip through complex voice-response menus.

    Customized Audio Messages - Delivers a custom audio message to the customer at the beginning of  a Click to Call exchange.  This is a popular branding tool for customers who want to include a sales, marketing, or customer service message.  Click to Call automatically provides a brief whisper message to  call center agents to inform them of the source of incoming calls.

    Click 2 Call software code can be customized before uploading to your company web site. With a few simple edits, you own a customized, fully operational Click 2 Call system.

Click 2 Call is also available as a "a la cart" feature that can be purchased as a subscription. Contact a Fortel representative for pricing.




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