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Learn about voip
General Settings:
This section will allow you to set the system wide options for your Freevoice PBX. These include dialing options and voicemail options.

1. Login to Eclipse as described here.

2. Click the Setup tab at the top of the page.

3. On the left side of the page click the General Settings link under Basic.

4. Configure the General Settings following the guidelines below.

Dialing Options

    Asterisk Dial Command Options: This will set the options for internal calls. The recommended setting is 'tro', this sets the caller ID on transferred calls to the number of the call be transferred To have the extension number which is transferring the call displayed use 'tr'.

    Asterisk Outbound Dial Command Options: This will set the options for outbound calls. The recommended setting is blank, unless you need these options, leave this field blank.


    Number of seconds to ring phones before sending callers to voicemail: This controls the number of seconds an extension will ring before the system sends the call to associated mailbox. The default is 15 seconds which is 4 rings.

    Extension prefix for dialing direct to voicemail: This field is for the prefix used to transfer a call to a voicemail box, or to dial a voicemail box directly. The default is '*'. For example to transfer a call to extension 301's mailbox you would, use the transfer feature, then enter "*301". The call would be sent directly to extension 301's mailbox.

    Direct Dial to Voicemail message type: Use the drop down box to select the type of message played when accessing a voicemail box using the prefix set above.

    Use gain when recording the voicemail message: This optional setting will increase the volume of voicemail messages. Enter a decibel number to increase the volume by. Start with 1 or 2, and increase the number until messages are at the desired volume level.

    Do Not Play please leave message after tone to caller: Check this box to remove the default message "Please leave your message after the tone. When done hang up or press the pound key." , the message is played after the users greeting in a voicemail box.

    Company Directory

    Find Users in the Company Directory by: Use the drop down box, to select the appropriate method. The directory uses the Display Names assigned to extensions to populate the Company Directory. If searching by both first or last name, make sure each extension has both a first and last name.

    Play extension number to caller before transferring call: Check this box to have the extension number played to the caller when they select a user from the Company Directory.

    Operator Extension: Enter the extension number to be used for the operator in the directory. If a caller presses '0' in the Company Directory, it will go to this extension.

    Fax Machine

    Extension of fax machine for receiving faxes: If you are detecting faxes and sending them to a Fax Machine or Modem, select the extension of the fax machine or modem from the drop down box. To disable the receiving of faxes select disabled from the drop down box.

    Email address to have faxes emailed to: If using the built in faxing, enter an email to send received faxes to.

    Email address that faxes appear to come from: If using the built in faxing, enter the email address that the fax emails will use in the "from" address .

    International Settings

    Country Indications: Choose the country for the system indications. The default is United States/North America.

    24 Hour Format: Choose no for 12 Hour AM/PM format. Default is yes.


    Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls: This should almost always be set to no. Setting this to yes allows practically anyone using sip to call into your system, leaving you wide open for SPIT ( SPam over IP Telephony).

5. Click the Submit Changes button when done.

6. To apply the changes click the red "Apply Changes" Bar in the upper right corner of the page.


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