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Delivering Value
  • Businesses are in a constant struggle to control overhead. VoIP, along with the IP telephony capabilities it enables, is a technology that offers small and medium-sized businesses a range of solutions that can lower telecommunications costs and enhance productivity. Fortel delivers value by cutting costs, enhancing productivity, and simplifying telecom system management.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Imagine what can get done when a telecommuter or traveler takes their work extension "on the road." With a broadband internet connection, (Wi Fi, etc.) inbound calls seamlessly route to the remote user. Voice Mail messages are emailed as a .wav file attachment, so they can be played right on a Blackberry and other mobile phones device. No time to listen to the voice mail? A text message will fill you in with the basics- caller ID, timestamp, and message duration. Slick!
  • Quick to Deploy
  • Another chance to leverage existing technologies, VoIP telephone systems are largely Plug and Play, and take full advantage of existing LAN wiring and infrustructure. Gone are the days of "telephone wiring." Think of VoIP telephones as just another device on your network. Plug them in. Prioritize VoIP traffic with QoS rules. Start talking! It's that simple. A small or medium office can be up and running with a powerful phone system in a matter of minutes, not weeks!
  • Reduced Costs
  • Think of the savings when the internet is used as a backbone for branch office calls, remote extensions, and voicemail to email delivery. Calls between extensions are now free, no matter the distance between the two. Telephone calls are automatically routed via least-cost strategies, leveraging existing broadband connectivity. You can still call out via the PSTN, but why would you? VoIP telephone service allows connectivity to any telephone number, and for a small fraction of PSTN rates.
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • The essence of the telephone is to facilitate voice communication. But why stop there? By combining an existing data network with IP Telephony, a dramatic transformation takes place. The telephone room with it's associated wiring, punchdown panels, module cabinets, etc. is gone. The telephone system administrator is no longer an outsourced, overpaid "necessary evil." Existing IT personnel handle any telephone system adds, changes, or deletes. The telephone system becomes an asset, rather than a liability. Conference calling is set up and conducted in-house.
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • IP Telephony allows flexibility not possible with traditional phone systems. Hot Desking becomes trivial, and allows the home to become a potential work space. A software download turns the laptop computer into a full featured business telephone- just supply a broadband connection. Missed days at the office no longer mean unproductive days.
    • Improved customer retention levels
    • Gone is the busy signal. The capacity of your telephone system to handle telephone traffic is only limited by your broadband connection. A well-designed auto attendant means no more mis-routed calls. And when voice mail messages are left by customers, the recipient is notified in near real-time, via text message and / or email, allowing for quick return calls and greatly increased customer satisfaction.





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